Founder & Owner

Before you see Verrill, you will hear his laughter first. Verrill is the quintessential people's person. People naturally love him and many have called him "son" endearingly. The reason is because he has a heart for the people. and makes decisions with the best intention for them.

He has a brilliant and fast-working mind, and he is what one would call a Strategist. Did we also mention he has horrible handwriting? But this just shows that his brain churns faster than his hand can write.


Founder & Owner

Charlene is someone with a steel-like resolve, and one who makes things happen. Once she has set her mind to achieving something, she will bite her teeth and get it done. There was one time she drove all the way from KL to Singapore without taking a break.

She appreciates beauty and the finer things in life. And paradoxically, she finds beauty in organization and structure. She believes there is always a method to the madness. She is always able to bring structure to the most amorphous ideas. 



Verrill's background began in sales at age 19. He had his first job selling ice-cream door to door. He fondly reminisces he was consistently top sales with no experience. The difference between him and his colleagues? A simple yet highly effective sales strategy which he implemented.

Since 2008, he entered the fund-raising industry, where he and his team has raised about S$25M. He was also a speaker and presenter to thousands. During this period, he has trained and personally coached hundreds of individuals from a wide spectrum of students to C-suite levels.


In 2016, he was appointed as Managing Director of a public company. During this period, he consistently flew to Thailand where they opened a shop in Bangkok's prestigious Em District where they opened a retail outlet in one of the luxury malls there. He subsequently stepped down to run his own company.


In 2017, he co-founded a retail distribution company, where he set the go-to-market strategy, where he expanded the retail market across Malaysia.

Today, he's the Founder and Owner of The Vine Culture, a Singapore incorporated holdings company housing 2 business, Vine Consultancy and Covenant & Vows, doing business consultancy, and relationship consultancy respectively.


He heads Vine Consultancy.


Her background was in fundraising where she and her team raised about S$5M for various companies. Subsequently, she was in sales and marketing where she and the team did close to S$60M revenue in a year for a public-listed company. 

In 2016, she was the Regional Sales Director for an SME, where she did a brand refresh for the company, handled the media releases, wrote information memorandums/white papers and she often joked she was the unofficial in-house paralegal. She was also the public speaker for several events, including a high key event where His Excellency Lieutenant General Ouk Kosa, Department of Development, Ministry of Defense, Kingdom of Cambodia and the previous Ambassador of Cambodia to Singapore, attended the event.


In 2017, she co-founded a retail distribution company, where she set up the branding, social media presence, product creation and marketing collaterals and fine-tuned the website UI/UX. 


Today, she is the Founder and Owner of The Vine Culture, a Singapore incorporated holdings company housing 2 business, Vine Consultancy and Covenant & Vows, doing business consultancy and relationship consultancy respectively.


She heads Covenant & Vows.

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